I am Mas (see also: Mas Hab on Lambiek’s Comiclopedia), and I was born in Amsterdam in 1991. I make comics and illustrations with Indian ink, usually behind a dusty kitchen table near Amsterdam.

I started off drawing zines and flyers, which served as my unofficial graphic education. I also spread a flyer in 2013 requesting to go in training with someone the old-fashioned way, writing my e-mail address on the back of my zines before spreading them around local comic book shops. I was grateful to get a positive response from the more seasoned comic community, and was lucky enough to draw the attention of professionals like Margreet de Heer, who could offer me some insight into the comic drawing trade.
In the following few years I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow not only by drawing zines and flyers, but by making illustrations and comics on commission to the point where it is, to my own great joy, my source of income.

Recent activity
Aside from commission work and contributions to alternative publications, I’m currently regularly providing daily spot-the-difference cartoons for regional newspapers Leeuwarder Courant and Dagblad van het Noorden, as well as illustrated labyrinth pages for monthly children’s comic magazine Jump. For more recent activity, see News.

Besides drawing, I enjoy hitchhiking, reading, and badly groomed people, and take part in various kinds of grassroots volunteer work.