Mas Hab Merch takes her responsibility in terms of sustainability extremely serious. The fashion industry in general is known for being detrimental to the environment and terrible to humans – Mas Hab Merch wants no part of that. We hold the controversial belief that the people who make the clothing should be treated fairly, and that the habitability of the earth should be preserved for future generations.

To make sure those are not just words and hopes, we’ve selected our partners carefully. We don’t want to sponsor sweatshops, and given you’re reading this, we’re assuming you don’t either.

When buying clothes, it’s often difficult to know the origin and the conditions of those who produced it, due to obfuscated supply lines. For the sake of transparency, here’s a list of our textile suppliers per product type – and what they do to guarantee the well-being of the people and the planet.


All of the t-shirts in the shop are 100% organic, provided by B&C collection.

B&C works with the Fair Wear Foundation, Amfori BSCI, Textile Exchange and Better Cotton. The t-shirts are OEKO-TEX®, PETA en OCS certified.

Fair Wear is an independent non-profit that conducts yearly audits on the supply chain, to ensure the textile is produced in an honest and humane way. Their reports are public: the 2021 report puts B&C collection, despite increased difficulty due to to Covid, in the “good” category.

The 2022 report even puts B&C in the “leader” category, reserved for “companies who are doing exceptionally well” in showing best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.

Tank Tops

The tank tops are provided by Fruit of the Loom.

FotL is committed to fair compensation, and is working extensively to reduce their carbon footprint. They reportedly achieved a 40% emissions reduction since 2018.

Compliance with their code of conduct is overseen by WRAP, Intertek WCA and Amfori BSCI.


AWDis delivers the (PETA-approved) hoodies.

They employ in-country teams that regularly visit and inspect the factories that produce the hoodies, to ensure fair and safe working conditions.

Adherence to their code of conduct is overseen by the independent parties WRAP, Intertek WCA and Amfori BSCI.


The illustrations are printed on the textiles by tshirtdeal.